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We help our business visitors to find the right partners!

If you are a professional interested in booking a meeting with one of the exhibitors of the ECDM Expo, you can use this service. It is free, fast and easy.

Our goal is to bring exhibitors and entepreneurs together! To find the right partner that match your business needs.

B2B meetings is an ideal way for small and medium-sized businesses to find new customers and partners.

They help you maximize the benefit of your participation at the event and increase your chances of making high-quality business connections.

By contacting the exhibitors in advance, there is enough time for both parties to be prepared properly for the meetings.

Choose from the below list the company you want to meet with, register for free on the platform, select the available time slot that suits you and send your request.

Once accepted, you will then receive a confirmation message regarding your meeting.



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